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Document output describes the area of business associated with generating documents. Whether copying, printing, faxing, scanning or archival, all of these items are related to the document output process. Companies generate paper every day, however, most companies have no idea what their true cost to generate paper really costs. Quantifying this expense can be very difficult, especially in distributed environments. There are consumable costs, lease agreements, depreciation, maintenance repair expenses, and so on. FPR has the expertise and tools to effectively quantify where a company is today, and how to best improve the environment, from both an expense and process-improvement perspective.

Supercharge Your Cost Reduction with FPR’s VISIONAnalysis™ Approach

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Freedom Profit Recovery believes in taking the most methodical approach possible to improving your bottom line and maximizing your cost reduction. We always utilize our up-to-the-moment analytics and industry knowledge to recommend the best cost-saving [...]

How Do I Make the Cut to Become a FPR Vendor

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One of our maxims and primary value propositions to clients is that we are not commission motivated. Many office document management vendors or printing services companies will make empty promises and use rhetorical acrobatics to convince customer leads [...]

Our Engagement Process for Teaching New Clients How to Decrease Costs

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When we begin fulfilling a cost recovery contract, our very first step is to perform our industry-unique analysis from the top down, dissecting your company’s current expenditures. We look at costs relating to document output, energy usage, telecommunications services [...]

Why an Outside Consultant Could Be the Answer to Business Cost Savings

By |2018-09-26T13:32:17+00:00Wednesday, August 15, 2018|Categories: Cost Reduction, Document Output, Electricity, Telecom|

Identifying cost-cutting measures for a business can feel exhausting. Auditing expense reports for business cost savings is often like searching for a green keychain dropped in a field in Ireland — it all starts to look [...]

How FPR Enables You to Cut Costs in Your Business on Their Dime

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As a company that refuses to charge service fees when determining how to cut costs in business for our clients, Freedom Profit Recovery (FPR) may seem like an anomaly, and that is because we are. We [...]

Procurement Cost Reduction: Realize Efficiency With Existing Hardware

By |2018-09-26T13:38:08+00:00Tuesday, June 19, 2018|Categories: Cost Reduction, Document Output, IT Cost Management|

Too many businesses purchase duplicate hardware or preemptively decommissioned hardware well before the full value has been extracted from it. Other times, they will blame workflow inefficiencies on hardware when solutions exist to make [...]

Recent Merger or Acquisition? Watch for Billing Errors

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A merger or an acquisition presents many opportunities — in more ways than most people realize. Naturally, there is the new opportunity for growth, expansion, economies of scale or synergistic efficiencies. On the other [...]

7 Methods to Cut Print Costs in a Business

By |2018-09-26T13:35:17+00:00Sunday, May 6, 2018|Categories: Cost Reduction, Document Output, Electricity, IT Cost Management, Telecom|

Printing costs can quickly spiral out of control, especially as the price of materials such as ink and paper rise every year. In order to control printing costs, businesses can look to the following [...]